Founded in 1909 in the French town of Molsheim Bugatti celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. Throughout the 20th century Bugatti had become one of the most famous makes in the entire history of the automobile world lead by the genius spirit of it´s extraordinary talented founder Ettore Bugatti not only being a unique car designer but also a natural artist in constructing cars and other mashines in the world of technology. The company, now belonging to the Volkswagen Group, also was one of the most successful constructor of racing cars being  on the same level as Ferrari, Lotus, Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz. tar drivers like Louis Chiron, Renč Dreyfus, Achille Varzi, Robert Benoist, Rudolf Caracciola and William Charles Frederick Grover,  (under the pseudonym Williams)  the winner of the first ever Monaco Grand Prix, showed excellent performances in Bugatti cars. The documenta city of Kassel, host of the famous Herkules-Bergrennen , presents a unique exhibition on 100 Years of Bugatti in the documenta hall between the theatre and the Karlsaue park with Bugatti cars never to be seen outside France. Made with extraordinary love and passion for the automobile as a cultural value in general and the admiration of the art of technology the organizers of the show give the public an inside look into the history of Bugatti - from the very beginning at the start of the 20th century through the troubled years after World War II up the present under the rule of the Volkswagen group. The whole spectrum of the Molsheim based company is visible not only by the classic cars from the famous Type 35  of the twenties to the mighty Veyron of our days, but also by a lot of technical equipment like engines, wheels and models - accompanied by a hugh amount of historic photos, documents and very informative and easily readable texts. The exhibition is taking place in the weeks before the race from 16th May to 11th June 2009. It is open for spectators each day from 11:00 to 19:00 CET, the charge of admission is € 6.




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